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Honey has had a place in skin care for many years.  Endowed with the power of nature, honey boasts many useful benefits that often outperform traditional remedies.  This has paved the way for honey to be used as a functional ingredient in a variety of different skincare products.  

Among the several bee byproducts extracted from hives and marketed for topical use, honey is by far the most impressive.  Among the many types of honey harvested around the world, Manuka honey tops the list.  Manuka honey is from New Zealand and is produced by bees that feed on the nectar of flowers that grow on the Manuka bush.  This particular floral nectar contains unique qualities that set it apart from others.  The outcome is a high-powered superfood that is packed with nutrients, incredibly healthy and very useful for many conditions, both internally and on the skin.  

The demand for Manuka honey has sky-rocketed over the course of the past few years, giving it a reputation of being one of the hottest new ingredients to hit the market in years.  This has birthed a number of different skin care lines containing Manuka honey, offering both cosmetic and OTC medical products.  All of these products have been yielding amazing results because of their secret weapon: Manuka honey.  

Blending Manuka honey into skin creams and other topical products makes it easier for consumers to take advantage of its natural benefits, as applying honey by itself directly to the skin can be messy.  Since Manuka honey is stable, it doesn’t lose its potency when diluted, so there is no disadvantage of using it in a skin product, opposed to using it by itself.  

It is estimated that in the future there will be an emergence of other skin care lines utilizing Manuka honey in their formulations as word continues to spread of its amazing abilities.  This natural resource offers consumers a safe and effective way to rely less on pharmaceuticals and other products containing harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients while still accomplishing the products desired goals.

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